Getting Updated On Writing

I do know if something was wrong with Dear Diary last night or I just had somoething configured incorrectly with Zone Alarm Pro but no matter how I tried to get to Dear Diary last night, the page came up saying ‘can not connect, can not find the server’ That was a little frustrating at first because I could not get to writing in my entry for yesterday so I waited until today to get to the 3rd of June to write. When I got online this afternoon, after sleeping my morning away after Jimmy called from Janice’s, I decided to get myself up and going. I feel tired but not as bad, lol. Janessa and I had a good day yesterday and so I must have wore myself out from yesterday’s fun day. What did Janessa do to me?, lol.

I wrote in yesterday’s so it is updated now. I am going to do a couple of things today. Bye for now. More later…

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