Danger That Never Happened But Could Have?

For the past several days my friend Mark had told me that I had to move my three wheeler bike and put it elsewhere, but because of the space where I lived, the bike would not be safe here because of the people who live around me. I was disappointed in the idea of having to get rid of the bike by either selling it or just giving it away, but after talking to my mom about it last night, it was a good idea to get rid of the bike either way since I can not ride it myself. My heart, thanks to my mom who lives in New Mexico, was put at ease and comfortable about the idea of either selling the bike or giving it away. well, without even realizing that I could get rid of the bike to the Salvation Army Thrift Store or Goodwill, I thougt it not a bad idea since I like to be charitable with donations with things I do not need or want anymore. It came clear in my mind that giving my bike away would be a good idea. With another well here, I have talked to my friend Mark about giving my bike away to someone or something and he told me about a bike shop that takes whatever kind of bike and fixes them up and resells them or persons with a bike that needs to be repaired has very reasonable prices. Mark and I went to his parents place, got the bike in hopes that some money would come out of it, loaded it up in the back of his truck, took it the bike shop and just gave it away when learning that no money would come out of it. No big deal really because the owner of the store saw the tires and tubes and said something of the fact that they were the wrong size for the bike. I had learned from him that the bike may have been unsafe to ride from the beginning. YIKES! No wonder I could not RIDE IT! Well, now the bike has found a place, a home where the bike will be repaired or taken for parts, and sold to someone who needs or wants a bike like my three wheeler trike bike. I do not have to worry about my bike going to the dump now because my friend Mark was able to find someone who would take it from me either for something (some money) or nothing, and it was for nothing. I did not even gave it a second thought when I walked out the door and got help going down the rickety steps to the truck about the ugly, old bike as I left it behind. I even said good bye to the bike and said to myself that someday it will be ridden by someone who could ride it.

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