Friday Plans

I am spending the night at Kelly and Jimmy’s place tonight. Kelly has asked me to be at her house before noon so I am heading that way in a short while. I was hoping, in reality, that I would not go to their apartment until 4 p.m. but Kelly asked me to be there before noon so I will not argue with that plan. I wil be there when Jimmy (Kelly’s Husband) gets home so he is not alone when he does get home. I do not mind being at Kelly and Jimmy’s. It’s home away from home for me and private time for Emilee without her worried human mommy around constantly. Emilee is my fourteen year old cat who I have trusted to be alone for one night with the manager knowing that I am not home for one night in case anything goes wrong.

I am waiting for Jimmy to arrive home from work. Time is a little before 4 p.m. Kelly went to be with her MIL this morning after I got there so I am somewhat housesitting, lol. I am looking at Kelly’s Sociology homework to see where I can help her. Her class is fun but takes a lot of time, writing, and brain power and from the book or video. I have not looked at the videos yet, though, and that’s ok.

Anyway, now Jimmy is home and I have to run. More later…

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    I try and do the same whenever I can.

    Thank you for the comment, it really helped and made me feel better! Thanks a lot! Have a great weekend!


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