My Night Entry

It has been a quiet day for me. The phone didn’t ring a lot. In fact, I got maybe four phone calls altogether today. One from Kelly, and two from Janessa, and one wrong number. I do not know the person who called who had the wrong number but his last name was scott and his first name was George. Why did I even answer the phone if it was a number I did not recognize. Just remembering it now kind of gives me the shivers. Was the man drunk? Was he old? I could barely tell. He was asking for DeeDee. Someone who I did not know either. He could have been someone looking for trouble. Why did I even bother answering the phone? I shouldn’t have answered it!! He could have been some pervert or some molester of some kind. Fear has struck the heart somewhat. Thankfully I am GLAD that the apartment complex I live in has a security locked door. That call pretty much scared me half to death.

Bedtime is coming closer in these eyes of mine. I will soon get into bed and cuddle with my cat Emilee. Yet I do not know if I will fall asleep on the couch or go right to my bedroom where I belong in reality. Right now I am watching Rosanne. The show reminds me of a very dysfunctional family, but tonight’s two episodes are about Dan Connor’s mother being ill and his father and new family were in the show as well. Seeing Dan Connor upset about his mother’s illness really was bothering him deeply. Anyway, the show is over now and I am thinking of retiring to bed before midnight tonight. I won’t be hearing from any friends on line at this hour of the night or get any phone calls. Kelly and Jimmy are spending the night at his mother’s house tonight. They did not call me tonight. That’s ok. They probably got busy.

I am going to go for now. Good night everyone! Bye for now…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. sezrah says:

    i too have been getting into the habit of having late nights, its something hard to break out of after a while so am hoping to rectify things this week by going to bed earlier 😉


  2. I hope sleep comes easily to you tonight. You’re lucky to have Emilee to snuggle up to…

    Lots of love, Maggie 🙂

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