If this a long entry, I am very sorry…

I wanted to write in my journal last night but when I finally got home from spending the day with my friends Janessa and Kelly, it was dark and storm was heading our way from Whitewater. In fact, the storm could have produced a tornado. Fron watching the news and weather last night, before retiring to bed, the storm did produce tornado funnels in some areas and damage was done. From watchiing the news report regarding the tornado funnel, I rememmber seeing a house’s garage was pretty much gone — the garage lopsided and the shell was on the ground and caved in. It looked dangerous. Anyway, I was back home, safe in my apartment, and went to bed by 11 p.m. and kept an open ear to any alarms telling me and Emilee to evacuate the building or go to the first floor for cover with everyone else, but by midnight the storm had passed and nothing happened. I HATE THAT! LOL

I have so much to say. so much happened yesterday that have had my emotions playing there angry game. In fact, first I was very irritated with Kelly’s friend who had spent the night before with her and was leaving that morning for the day. Her friend, when Kelly was not present in the room, did not even acknowledge or talk to me when I spoke to her. My heart ached terribly by her actions that when she finally left, I could no longer hide my hurt feelings and Kelly saw the hurt look on my face and my lower lip was quivering. I asked her why I had gotten the silent treatment by her friend and Kelly told me why. I was irritated and thought I did not apologize to her friend and Kelly told me I did that night the last time Marie and I spent the night there at Kelly and Jimmy’s.

A little bit later, our friend Janessa came down because Kelly and Janessa were going to go to Kelly’s appointments, go for lunch, and then spend the day together. I ended up being in the plans as Janessa did ask me if I wanted to come along after I asked Kelly if she still wanted me to go with her. Janessa was ok with the plans. I have not heard anything about it that she did not feel ok about it anyway, 🙂 Kelly, as sweet as she was, insisted I go home instead of staying at her place because we were in line for a storm and neither one of us knew about it until we met at her place. I told her I would go home, but it turned out that I spent the rest of the day with Janessa and Kelly, and we made it a woman’s day out. But what happened between Kelly’s friend and I, was not all that happened yesterday. Believe me!

Janessa’s boyfriend, a friend of Kelly and Jimmy;s, and mine, had hurt Janessa’s feelings as well as Kelly’s on Tuesday, and mine yesterday so bad, that my feelings of irritation from what happened moments before, had boiled over to anger. I had learned, that Janessa’s boyfriend had blocked me from his MSN messenger list and that really hurt me worse than what happened earlier that day at Kelly’s house. My anger boiled over to ache in the heart and the quivering in my lower lip had gotten worse and I was shaking. I was close to tears when I had asked Kelly at lunch about it.

As the day progressed, I got to feeling better because I was with my girlfriends and I was having a good time. After lunch, we went back to Kelly and Jimmy’s apartment and Kelly was dropped off because she had plans to be with the friend who was over earlier, and Janessa and I went to an appointment. I did not go in with Janessa in her appointment, but I did read a book and got 2 1/2 chapters read while waiting. By then, Chad had apologized to me and we were ok between us. After the appointment, Janessa and I went to the pharamacy to pick up her medication that she needed at Walgreens and then we went back to Kelly’s apartment where she was waiting for us. She had fallen asleep waiting for her friend to arrive and didn’t. Janessa and I chatted with Kelly for a while and then her friend called. I was still hurting and scared about what happened between this friend of Kelly’s and I. A while later, this friend arrived and she was acting like I did not exist sitting in Jimmy’s recliner, She would talk to Kelly and Janessa but not to me. Jimmy had arrived home from work and I was sitting in his recliner feeling irritated and did not talk much. Jimmy knew something was wrong and assured me in gesture that I was going to be ok. Later, before Janessa, Kelly, and I were going to the Mall, Janessa asked me if I wanted to go with her and see her cat Mario, and I did without hesitation. Not knowing, until last night talking to Kelly, during my absence she had told Marie to treat her friends with respect and so on.

I need to go for now. I will write more later.

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