My Evening Home

It has been fairly quiet all day long. Napping on the couch happened this early afternoon. Now with evening at play and my night soon to end, I have been not at all busy today — not at all. My phone has hardly rung. Something to get used to as my phone rings off the hook from time to time but lately it hasn’t. That’s ok. I am at peace and at a quiet point of my free time t home. Yesterday was one of those emotional days for me and my two friends Kelly and Janessa. Being t0gether br9ghtened our day up. Anyway, time being a little after 9 p.m., I am ready for bed and wanting to hop in the bathtub to bathe. I think I am going to go do that quickly and come back later. I do not know what my plans are for tomorrow and so I want to be prepared enough so a bath is one thing I better do for now. Later tonight…

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