July 1

For Alaina = “GoingUnder20”
I would like to thank you for your comment for yesterday’s journal entry regarding the change = new look. That was so sweet. I wanted it to be a summertime look but I had found this “angel” on in my personal place and decided to use it instead. It has a summertime look to it, and I do love angels. Thank you for the encouragement to keep this look. I will keep it until another bout of change happens. You can never count on me keeping anything. I change so much in some things in my life. I really like the look right now myself. You will never see my diary’s look with satanic or evil looking backgrounds anyway.

You mean a lot to me…thank you, Alaina! Keep up the journaling.

Is This Idea Going to Work?
This is the first day of my writing in my journal with one entry per day instead of two or more. I do not know if this idea is going to work yet as it is too early to know. I should know by the middle of the month if my tiral of writing one entry per day works. So far, from looking at it at one day, that I have spent less time here at Dear Diary writing my every thought that has come to mind while sitting here surfing the web or checking e-mail. I was able to refrain my thoughts until tonight when I had more time to write. It is still too early in the game to know if this idea will work, but I will soon find out.

My Thoughts on DDCritic
I have been so displeased with how some diarists have been kicked in the mouth because of their journals. I do not think what has been happening to them, especially the ones I know and have been reading, is fair. I personally visited DDCritic’s journal today for the first time and thought of this person one critic a jerk. I have been reading Wittykitty’s journal and have enjoyed reading her thoughts and feelings. Now she is leaving us here at Dear Diary and my heart aches for her to stay. I like Abby very much! DDCritic better not come here or he will be banned from my diary for good!

Mary Kay Cosemtics
I am now a Mary Kay Consultant! You can go here:
<a href="http://www.marykay.com/kkarnopp">Mary Kay

Good Night Y’all
It is late, and it is time for me to go. I am going to say good night to all of you.

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2 thoughts on “July 1”

  1. Everyone feels the same way about that critic. She is so stupid. I’m glad that I’m not alone feeling that she is stupid. I read WittyKitty’s diary a couple of times and I thought that it was good. I hope that the Critic gets so much insults that she decides to leave.

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