July 5

The evening has rolled in. A shower was taken and because of the heat/steam of the shower, my smoke detector went off. I hate that when I am in the middle of a shower, still soapy! It is a nuissance! I am all relaxed and ready for bed for the night. Tomorrow I have plans to have my footcare nurse come in and file my callouses on my feet. She is real good, and it does feel GOOD, too. It does not hurt…it actually tickles and I am very ticklish. LOL Also, according to my July calendar, the Schwans truck is coming tomorrow afternoon. Exciting!!!

Picking Up
Now that I am a businesswoman selling Mary Kay, I can not have a messy apartment anytime. Today, strangely enough, I had a want to pick my place a little bit. Tomorrow will be another fine day of picking up.

Mary Kay Sortin’
That is exactly WHAT I have to do this week…no if’s, ands, buts about it… I have emptied ALL the boxes (3) and looked at all the stuff in the boxes. I have my summer cut out for me…and my part-time job throughout the rest of my life. I am making this a part-time life decision to sell Mary Kay. I will NOT give up! I can’t.

Even after the 4th of July, there are neighbors shooting off fireworks in theiri yards. It happened earlier tonight. I decided to take a shower at 9:45 p.m. to drown out the noises from outdoors. There were some real boomers out there. I wonder if there were a couple of illegal boomers out there, lol. Probably. Who knows. Anyway, when I got out of the shower, the fireworks were over…thankfully. I like fireworks because they can be pretty but I do not like the noise they make.

My Weekend
I have been busy this weekend. Saturday was my birthday. NOthing special happened except the fact I got a couple of cards in the mail, and a couple of on line e-cards from family and friends. I went to church and while I was there, I got two phone calls on my cell phone right in church! Thank goodness for the ringer being on pager! LOL They were good calls, too. I did not go see the fireworks yesterday. I was not up to par by evening because of my allergies. They are still flaring up a bit but not as bad. My throat feels weird, though. It feels scratchy and then it feels like something is in my throat. It is strange. It does not hurt now and it hasn’t for the past few hours. I wonder if I sleep with my mouth open a lot. LOL I had a good weekend otherwise.

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3 Responses to July 5


    I’m sorry I missed your birthday. I have been out of town. I hope it was a joyous one.

    You have been one busy bee. I just love getting a pedicure. You feel so pampered. I hope all is going well with selling Mary Kay. You will be great at it!

    Hugs, Maggie

  2. GoingUnder20 says:


    Happy Birthday!!

    Yes, Robert and I were shooting off fireworks yesterday also. Of course, some of them were illegal, but some of them weren’t.

    Good luck with the Mary Kay business, its an interesting business, they ahve such good products for the skin. I just love it!

    Anyway I would love a full body massage right now.

    Have a good week!


  3. Britani18 says:

    You certianly have been busy. I hope it slows down for you so you can rest a bit. Have a good one.


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