July 23

A QUick Entry For the Day & Night
I will be unable to use a computer later so I thought I would write in my entry now before I get real busy into what I need to do for my Friday afternoon and night. I still have my computer here at home but my friends do not have one right now. Anyway, I am having a good day. I made a sale on Mary Kay today which was my biggest sale so far since I have started. I am feeling pretty good about that right this minute. It has been a great day in reality. Good is just an understatement of everything that happened so far today. Excitement! Excitement galore!

I feel I am still high on my Mary Kay cloud of sale so I really do not have much more to say except for the fact that I did not expect any calls or orders this morning and bang boom it happened unexpectedly. Exciting and fantastic! I feel so good and so happy. Depression has left me for the time being and it seems to continue to stay away because I have a job that is not stressful or developing pressure that adds up eventually.

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2 thoughts on “July 23”

  1. Woohoo! Doesn’t it feel great when you sell something! You feel as though you’ve really accompished something and that all your hard work is paying off. I’m glad you’re so happy.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, Maggie 🙂

  2. *~Kristi~*

    Congrats on the Mary Kay sale!! Yay for you!! Glad your feeling good and that everything is going so well with you! Good luck and keep up the good work!


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