My DaySo Far

It is one of my days off for the weekend and I am taking advantage of it as far as my job is concerned. I did work a few minutes when I had a neighbor come up to talk to me about something else and I had to show her some nail polish colors that she might enjoy later on in the future, but when she came up, it was not because of Mary Kay business. It was all entirely somethiing else which was just fine. I do have to admit that my morning so far has been real lazy and a shower has yet not been taken and it is after 1 p.m.. I surely look lazy,lol…haiir NEEDS to be washed big time today sometime. It is greasy after Friday afternoon’s wash and trim. I am not caring how I look right now for some reason. This is my Sunday afternoon and I am taking the day off from work today. So, at this time, it has been my only company today, lol, thankfully. I even talked to the “new” neighbor across the hall for a few minutes after my company left.

Not much is going on right now at this point. I have Toon Disney playing on television right now and it is Timon and Pumbaa cartoon show. It is funny and silly at the same time. LOL

I even have gotten caught up with most of my Dear Diary reading. It is such a pleasure read other entries other than just writing my own entries from day to day.

As the day progresses, I will write more. I have no more to say right now. Bye for now.

Oh yeah! I talked to my brother and his family in PA last night and I am going to PA for Thanksgiving again this year! YEAH! I love it there!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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