Plans For the Weekend

Plans have been made for the weekend. My mom called me a little before 5:30 p.m. this evening to tell me we are leaving Janesville about 9:30 a.m.. How exciting this seems to be at the moment, too! I want to see other family this weekend, too. We are staying at Cousin Donna’s house (with husband Bob) Friday night – Sunday night, we will have our cookout in Saxeville Saturday, and then we will be seeing some of Grandpa’s relatives who are still alive on Sunday as well. Aunt Annette, one of my grandpa’s SIL’s has a new kitten named Sassy so I am excited about meeting this new kitten (for all I know it could a cat, lol). Staying at Cousin Donna’s house this weekend will be a joy and a plus for me because of fond memories of staying there when I was a litle girl. Last year we only spent one night there but this year we are spending three nights there and that is exciting in itself.

Also, when Mom called me, she told me she FOUND my jelly roll pens and she is going to give them to me tomorrow. I even told her why I was upset yesterday and the pens being the lightest of my worries, she seemed to understand my little emotional predictament in reality. I told her that I had gotten an vanilla envelope filled with pictures of grandpa and grandma, and grandma’s old photo album of her, grandpa, my mom, and “Aunt” Cousin Donna, and her family. I am beginning get ideas for my scrapbooking stories. I am, even though I was an emotional mess yesterday night, I am excited about getting a scrapbook filled with pictures and newspaper articles. Anyway…it is going to be an emotional weekend one way or the other.

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