August 7

My day was good. There was something not so good that happened earlier tonight but it is just fine. I did not lose a friend over the matter because this person really has not been a friend in the past year. I am not talking about Kelly or Jimmy, either. I am talking about a girl I met at school last Fall in Accounting 1 who was so nice to me while we were in classes and during activities, but beyond that…forget it, lol. What happened, at home home after 7 p.m., I called this person who I thought was a friend, and she acted real snotty and disgusted with my calling her. She even clued me in about her disgust about my calling herby saying something that just was totally off the wall and very personal. I do not know what the problem was with her or with me because of the fact that she was being something that reminded me of her being better than me. That is the type of attitude she seemed to have displayed tonight. I was so disgusted with her because she said she did not know who I was as well and that pretty much told me who my true friends were right there that second. Yet I was taking it personal and my heart did get twisted a bit. It drove me crazy! Anyway, I have my friends and they are true friends. I am happy to be what I am doing and all now and it does not include JB at all anymore! I deleted her from my yahoo messenger and if she tries to e-mail me later, her e-mail will be blocked from my e-mail box for good as well. I am not going to be burned again in any relationship, and I am not going to let this bother me anymore. What a LIFE…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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