It has been a very quiet morning. In fact, no one called me this morning before I had awakened. It was a pleasant morning to wake up to, even though I found myself sleeping on the couch with the television going all night long again, lol. I could not sleep in my bed last night so I decided to go to the livingroom to watch a bit of cartoons when I realized this morning I have been there all night long, lol. I am trying to sleep in my room anyway and that is real good, I think.

I do not know when Janessa will be done with her appointment but she should be calling me shortly so I will need to get going and get ready for my day with Janessa and her neice Bria. I have to go for now. Sorry this is so short. I can go and get caught up on some other diaries before logging off. Bye for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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