A Day Has Ended…

Well gang, I am really excited right about now. I had a great day. I was with my friend Janessa and her neice Bria this morning and afternoon. We went to see Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. It was a very good fairy tale type of movie with a fairy tale movie ending. It was very good. I have always enjoyed Julie Andrews most of my life and Anne Hathaway who played Princess Mia, is also one of my favorite as well. I wish that the movie portrayed real life happenings but that is my imagination of everyone in the whole world getting along and happy and never sad. Only happiness is found through God and His love for all his children.

Well, anyway, I had a very good day all day long. The weather, although not warm or hot, being cool and pant weather, proved to me that it could have been worse. I wORE SHORTS all day long. In fact, going on 11 p.m., I am still in my clothes I have worn all day long, lol. I did not change into pajamas when I got home from the movie and outing with Janessa and Bria. LOL That is how good of a day I had. There was NO TIME for me to be down on such a cloudy, very cool day today. YEAH! I am feeling good!

Mary Kay Update
Next Tuesday, August 17, I will be having my open house showing what I will be selling in Mary Kay. Tonight, with the help of my Mary Kay Director MD, I placed an order of more product I would like to sell in my personal independent business. It was fun — my eyes crossing and bugging out looking at all the products at the website Mary Kay Personal Website. LOL I did find exactly what I wanted to sell and promote in my business. Exciting night! YEAH!

My Friend Kelly
Kelly means the world to me. When she is in pain, sometimes I feel I cannot help her but listen and be there for her as much as I can. Today and yesterday, and the day before yesterday, she was in some emotional pain because of the fact that she did not have any of her anti-depressant medication with her until today. Knowing what it is like not having medication to help you, I really felt her emotional pain. She was not herself for three days and she knew it and it scared her very much. I was with her the night before last and yesterday morning and she seemed ok. Today she just broke out with her emotional pain and I listened to her and let her speak her mind. Later she told me that she was not herself and everything was ok between us and we were still best of friends. Anyway, not to make it sound like I do not care, I am glad she is ok now and doing better. She has her medication now and was sleeping when I called her at 10:30 p.m.. In fact, LOL, I felt foolish waking her up so I prayed with her and let her get back to sleep.

Good Night and God Bless
It is late and bedtime is now. I am, actually really excited right now and not too sleepy or sleepy at all! But I am going to go for the night and come back tomorrow. It has been a fine day, despite the cloudy weather, and a happy day it is. Thanks for reading my entrues, everyone!!! God bless all of you!!!

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