A Quick Entry and Good Night

Dear Friends at DD,

This is my last weekend, as said before yesterday, of freedom as far as going back to school. I begin classes on Tuesday morning and I have to get my books Monday morning so this is my last day of summertime freedom. It has been a good summer for me and many of my friends. Having a job selling and promoting Mary Kay cosmetics and products and going to school really makes my life more productive these days. I have had less depression issues lately and that makes me less vulnerable to some things in life. I am more happier these days. My ex-boyfriend is still trying to be a jerk and is still showing his true colors as a man angry about the break up, but I do not have time to sit and fume about it. My dear friends JO, KAW, JW, CN, and JT will not have it any other way. My ex-boyfriend is one of the bigget jerks I have ever met and his life is beyond my control these days. He needs to get a life and I feelI finally have one without a man in my life regarding a relationship. I do not have time or the patience to have a loving relationship with the opposite sex these days anyway. It is a cruel world out there and I’m going to fight every obstacle I can these days from this day forward. I am not going to allow Accounting 1 to drag me down if I don’t understand something. anyway, my world is different today.

Well gang, I have to run and go to bed. Medication has taken its affect and I am getting dopey and tired.

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