I am a bundle of nerves this morning…lol. I do not know why… I am in a safe place at the central campus and I have all my books and needs for the semester. I feel a little tired right now because I have been up since 6 a.m.. No problem on the time or anything because I had asked my friend KAW to call me when she woke up. I did not go back to sleep, either. I did not dare because of the fact that I had some things to do when I woke up and got myself going. I am glad that my friend KAW called and woke me up even though my alarm was set for 7 a.m.. The extra hour was very helpful. Well, anyway, the bundle of nerves has subsided some…yet a little butterfliees yet. Not much though.

As I look back at my morning, I am glad that things have gone smoothly and everything was taken care of in a good and fast/doable pace just for me. I did, at first think, that when I got my books, I needed my Wisconsin or Driver’s Liscense I.D. but it turned out that needed my SS instead of either ID which was great for me. I did not intend to leave my house without my checkbook and ID but I did. LOL I was in a hurry to get away and the hurry drove me to forgetting something.

Now, looking at my future as a student this semester, I do have to admit a couple of things. I will be lucky to be able to write one entry per day while taking the time from studying. I can not afford taking my leisure in learning and studying this semester. I have my work cut out for me this semester in Accounting. I will probably not be at the Central Campus at all this semseter, dependig on my time and needs to be studying and working on homework and that 9is about all. I have to get one of my tv tables all set just for my studying. I have one set up already but it has junk on it right now, lol. My place needs to be cleaned.

I do not know if I will be back on to write later or not because I did get up early and I need to go to classes tomorrow at the CTS building and be there by 9 a.m. I feel real tired and want to go to bed right now but I have an appointment this afternoon at 3 so I will not be home for very long this afternoon after I get home from here…because I do not think that I will be home right away after noon anyway.

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