Sorry I Haven’t Said Much

I have been real busy or not even home lately. When I am home, I have been real busy with school and by the time I want to be online, I am tired and do noot care to get on line so late on a school night. I have been writing in my journal but not right on the date — have been writing and recording it later — more so the day after! The weather has been iffy the last couple of nights as well. Thunderstorms have been threatening the area the weathermen hvae been saying but no thunderstorms have raked on in that I know of. If any storms have raked in at night during my sleeping hours, I did not hear anything for a change. When I did run to the bathroom around 4 a.m., Emilee was in the bathtub laying down and sleeping. When I looked in on her, she jumped out of the tub and went to sleep with me on the couch. I have been sleeping on the couch lately again but I have been sleeping well each night lately. Well, anyway, I do apologize for not writing so much. I really do not have a whole lot to say lately. I am going to say good bye for now and come back tomorrow. Everyone have a good day and God bless.

Author: ksmiley

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