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It has been a while since I have taken the time to write but I have been very busy and by the time I want to write, I am tired. I have been using my mathematical part of the brain that it tires more easily. In fact, I slept a lot today!!!! I am a little more awake than usual at this hour, but I will be going to bed shortly since I do have a study day and a plan to visit a friend in the hospital tomorrow afternoon. I am getting the idea of accounting now and I am going to work hard on my homework and study guide for the class in order to pass the class and pass those tests I was having troubles with last Fall. Not this time!!!! No problems going to occur this year…NONE!

I have been wanting to write in my journal more often than I have been but I do take church, school, and God first — not in any particular order. God is ALWAYS first before church and school, though….

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