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This morning JW is home from work because is not feeling well. I do not know if he has a real bad cold or the flu bug that has been flying around the neighborhood these days now that winter is heading in shortly. KAW had to go to school this morning and take care of some business for next semester but will return home in a while. Jw’s mom and KAW had asked me to come and be JW’s companion this morning for them while they were away for the morning. I hope JW feels better soon…honestly being sick is no fun for/to anyone anymore these days. What a day this turned out to be – more busy than usual!!!! A good day, though, no doubt. I enjoy being over at KAW’s for the day or night — whenever I get over here. It is a change of pace for me and a taste I really enjoy. Where I live, strangely enough, most of the tenants except for a select few, are nosy bodies and mind everyone else’s business but their own, and getting away from TM is really super nice even though where my friends live have the same problem, lol. What is wrong with retirement homes and the elderly who manage to live on their own yet? Some people are just weird sometimes I guess. lol. What a world we live in!!!!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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