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My world today was busy. It was both quiet and not so quiet at the same, if that makes sense, lol! I got laundry done today, and now, tomorrow, I will be getting ready for my Thanksgiving travels, yeah! After laundry was done, I took a bath and dressed for the day. I even cleaned up Emilee’s litter box and took out old newspapers and trash, and cardboard boxes. It was a fairly busy day today and tomorrow is going to be even busier than ever seeing friends, packing for my trip to see family, going to bed early, and getting the bus by 8 a.m. to Chicago. Even though tomorrow is preparation day and making sure I am packed, I am making sure I have everything for my fanny pak is in its place. I am excited about my trip that I am actually nervous and excited at the same time if that makes sense to anyone…lol.

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    Yes, you just gotta love days like that when its quiet but not quiet. But it sounded like it was a nice day and wasnt to yucky. Hope you have a great time with your family and have a great Thanksgiving!


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