I AM Not Surprised But Yet Mortified

I had gotten home a little after 4 p.m. this afternoon from my 1:30 p.m. appointment because I ran a couple of errands before returning home. Where I live, the manager, was having a rummage sale from 9 to 5 today so I stopped in to say hello and give the workers a bite of fudge that I had gotten from a very good friend. While I was there, the neighbor I have been having trouble stopped in to say hello to my surrogate mom for a few minutes. The neighbor did not say hello to me at all, which was fine with me. I had made the comment to the manager that she did not even ecknowledge me and she said it was for the best right now anyway due to the fact of all the trouble she has been causing most of the tenants in here. It was not long afterwards, I had finally arrived to my apartment when I had gotten to my door, unlocked it, walked in and was about to lock it when the tenant had gotten up and opened her door and whispered to me that I was a traitor. I had fully closed the door and thought ‘ok” and kind of laughed that it came to this for her and I. If only she didn’t lie to me or about my friends here in the building, I would have been a friend to her, but I do not take to liars very well, especially if it is more than once. I have heard this around 5 p.m. or shortly before and am still laughing about it. For the first time in a long time I am actually letting something roll off my back and let it go, and I have no idea why. The manager talked to the neighbor’s social worker and handled the situation between this neighbor and I after the fact I tried talking to the neighbor first before all this even happened. Why do some people have to act so childish and need a social worker in the years of 70 or more. I should have known from the beginning that this neighbor was unbalanced!!!

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