My Only Entry of December 18, 2004

December 18, 2004

My day was very low key all day long. As a matter of fact, I slept a lot. Must have needed it or I am going through something — a low in my life. The sleep felt good, too. My phone did not ring but four times and it was just fine even though I wish the phone rang more. I was not feeling the greatest, either, with my cramps coming and going most of the morning and early afternoon. It was a low key day for me even though I wish I went to church this morning despite how I cramped I was. But I didn’t. Stayed home and watched taped Perry Mason programs, cartoons on Toon Disney, and recorded Columbo at 8 p.m.. It was a fine low key day when I was awake.

Tomorrow’s Christmas Dinner
Tomorrow at 2 p.m. TM is having our Christmas dinner catered by Best Events in Janesville, Wisconsin. I am excited about going and eating. From talking to my surrogate mom, there is 30 people signed up to go to this dinner, and I will go to it for sure. I missed the Christmas Lights Tour Tuesday night and I will not miss this dinner at all. I am going to go no matter what! Every year, since I have been a tenant at TM, we have had our dinners catered for Christmas as a thank you for being tenants here. What a treat we get every year. It is fantastic!! I love their dinners.

Not Much To Say Tonight
I think I am losing my touch in thought…maybe not…hmmm?

The Neighbor Update
Well, I personally thought the neighbor was gone for the weekend, but she is home. Anyway, the neighbor situation is going to be taken care of, but I do not know how or when. The neighbors around her will have to put up with her for a while longer, but yet I am not sure if this neighbor is going to be evicted. She has had a lot of complaints against her since she has been here, and I do not know how they handle this kind of thing except the fact that notice may follow. I do know this, though. The manager did tell me that she will have to take further action but how is yet a mystery. I think the complaining will stop for now here. I am finally getting relief here.

What is that? I don’t even know what that is right now, lol. Last night was awkward and a rough night for me. It was no fun really. I need my sleep STILL!

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