A Note From New Mexico To Friends

Merry Christmas! I am doing good in New Mexico. I do not know if we are having our Christmas this evening or Christmas morning. I do know that we are having a small turkey tomorrow for Christmas dinner. Right now I am on and off my mom’s computer while I am here. I am on her computer less than my own, lol. You see, I got in trouble for downloading something on her computer when I was down here for the summer of 2003. I am happy, as long as I do not download anything and the keyboard drawer in when I am finished, my mom lets me surf the web, check my e-mail, and play a game or two, lol. My mom is not a bad person. She was just not a happy Mom for a while. I am being careful now anyway.

I am so glad, even though I miss Emilee dearly, to be here, away from the neighbor who lives across the hall from me. I have, since I have been here — the first night — sleeping great and running to the bathroom during the night because I am drinking lots of water and no carbonated beverages. lol. My first night here I remember going to be at 11 p WI time and I was out before hitting the pillow. I do remember being really tired and out of focus. Get this…before it got dark, I asked my mom for a nighty lighty for my bedroom and she had no idea what I was talking about so I rephrased it then she got it, lol. My room is pitch black/dark in my room that my eyes don’t focus quickly enough, and I am somewhat afraid of the dark.

We are going to have Christmas Eve supper soon. I do not have anymore to write right now. Maybe later tonight but more so tomorrow on Christmas Day.

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