Hello Everyone

Hello Friends! I am in New Mexico – Carlsbad – and everything is fine here, I have slept real good the first and last night with the exception that I went to the bathroom a couple of times, LOL. My trip here was good and seemed like forever but no anxieties and nerves whatsoever. I could not nap on the plane this time, lol – I was just totally wired from something. I ate breakfast at a McDonald’s at the AP and honestly the breakfast tasted like cardboard and the shake was thick!!!! I was hungry and ate the cardboard tasting stuff, lol.

Get this…there is snow in Carlsbad! I have been teased about bringing it with me from Wisconsin, but we do not have any snow right now — storm bypassed Wisconsin from Illinois…WOW! It looks pretty in pictures!!!

I have to go for now, bye for now but not forever!

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