Fifteen Minutes Left of December 25, 2004

I am actually getting tired now at 11:45 p.m. Christmas Eve night. Not much going on now. My brother and sister pups are in their beds for the night (since 10 p.m.) My mom is playing her hand held solitaire game, my stepfather on his computer reading e-mails and surfing the web for cool stuff. Me, I am still raving about my gifts I had received this Christmas holuday from family. Bedtime is soon to come, believe me. It is 1 a..m. in Wisconsin right now but I am on NM time right now. Who cares, lol…sleepin’ in tomorrow. Anyway, it has been a fine evening online. Both my step dad and I found out about some actors we were inquring on…

James Arness (Matt Dillion – Gunsmoke) = his official website
Alan Young (Wilbur – Mr. Ed 85 years old
Mr. Ed the Horse (Mr. Ed) died at age 19 due to health issues and had to be put down

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