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I do have to admit that I am ready to go home and be with my precious little Emilee Cuddles. I miss her and my friends terribly. Anyway, the visit here has been fantastic and great. I was so glad that I paid $370 to come here. My mom enjoyed my visit. She told me that my visit to New Mexico was the greatest gift she could ever have in so many words in an e-card sent my way the other day. I feel, even though I am 34 years old, I was spoiled rotten, lol. The gifts I recieved for the holiday are all excellent and special. I remnember weeks ago when I asked Mom if I could visit for the holidays and later realized that I may have made a mistake. Prayer works so well when God is in control. Believe me! Relationships are not easy for me most of the time and my relationship with my mom can be rocky from time to time even though I love her dearly…

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