I believe She is Gone Now

I had gotten a knock on my door earlier today and it was my neighbor and friend Linda saying that the neighbor across the hall has moved out. I do not know if I can consider this news just yet but since I have heard the news, I have not a sound from across the hall or in the hallway itself. I will soon learn of the truth in the nezt several days. I do believe Linda is telling the truth because of what she overheard while shw was out in the hallway on the first floor. I am beginning to wonder now if that was the reason why the neighbor across the hall had asked for her Bible back. Now there is going to be peace here on this floor? I do know that the neighbors, other than me, were pretty much at their wits end from the noise the neighbor made in her place. If she is gone, no more sleepless nights in my place anymore! YEAH!

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