Positive & Negative

It is Sunday morning and the afternoon is soon to arrive upon me. I have been very busy since school has let out for the week. I can not wait until I get bnck to school this comimg Thursday. There has been little boredom since I have been keeping myself busy away and at home at the same time. Anyway, today is one of those days a lot of thinking has come into play regarding one particular matter in my life…the neighbor across the hall. As I said before, she has not moved out like many of us tennnts personally wished, but she is on the way out the way things have been going on around here. She still makes noise at night and denies everything around her, and her anger that she has ben harboring has gotten worse. Her silence when we meet in the hallways is scary as well. I have a fifteen year old cat here now and she is totally frightened of this neighbor’s voice and actions even though the neighbor is in her own place! I don’t want my cat to have a nervous breakdown or even a heart attack because of the neighbor!!! Emilee’s health may be very good for her age, but I have experienced her shaking with fear and meowing with displeasure of the world outside the other door. Emilee does not bolt out the door like she used to, either. She just moseys on out, my dear little girl! LOL

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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