The Need of a Peaceful Life

I am sick and tired of hearing the neighbor’s voice acorss the hall. I am frghtened of her when I see her in person when we run into each other in the hallway or out in public. Emilee is frightened of the neighbor’s voice and wants to be near me constantly throughout the day from time to time, and the peace in my own place has been or seems to have been violated. I am also sick and tired of writing such negativity in my own diary regarding the noisy neighbor, but where in the world is my thoughts and feelings going to go? I want to be happy living here where I live again. My peaceful world has been shattered to the point that my nerves have driven me to a point that I jump at the slightest sound or movement I see in the corner of my eye now. I feel I am going crazy and do not know what else to do but eat, sleep, go shopping and being with friends, and stuck in a book or watching the “boob toob” television. This is not the life I want to live, believe me. Even when I am doing my stuff online, I can not concentrate very well when noises from the neighbor happen day in and day out. I wish this neighbor was gone and would leave us alone instead of sounding threatening and horrible while she is living here. Even the other day I was speaking to a dear friend of mine about the neighbor’s actions and outbursts, we have come to one possible realization. That realization is this…opinion only… The neighbor is a Jehovah’s Witnesses and because she can not go door to door to share her beliefs with other tenants (tenants have complained) and I quit studying with her, she has become very angry and her actions and words are just opposite of a Christian woman. My thoughts, although opinion only, seem to be understood but my feelings are still hurt by this neighboor’s actions and harsh, unkind words, still linger in my ears from time to time. She just does not listen to the people around her or follow the rules of the apartment comolex. Yes, we have rules here and I do not care for them, but I do follow them and do my best as a tenant should. My world seems to be not quiet here right now. I have to have a fan running at night to block out noises outside and from the neighbor, and I do not sleep well at night every night either due to medication. I am so glad that my world is not always topsy turvy…

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    That is too bad about your neighbor. We have neighbors like that at my apartment and every once in awhile we’ll wake up to them screaming their lungs out at each other at 4 in the morning. *Shrugs* I only have a few more months left there so it doesnt bother me. Hope she moves out so you guys can get some peace.


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