I am a young woman who would like to see peace and happiness and the diarists here having a good time. Dear Diary, from my personal use for a long time now, I have had little trouble with other diarists leaving unwanted comments in my comments area. I had received a comment from a diarist and believe me, I deleted this persons comment because I felt it was uncalled for in my opinion. A diarist by the name of KBabe has made my diary place here very nice and special to me and I really like the new look and KBabe dod a fantastic job. I appreciate her work and her time for doing this for me. “What does God smell like? was the comment a diarst left and believe me, I wanted to scream and shout what a jerk this person was. I will not tolerate other diarists leaving comments that are mean, stupid soundiing, or plain ol’ downright insulting to me or to my heavenly Father. I am one person who WILL NOT tolerate any type of meanness whatsoever. That is why I do not visit many of the diaries here. I do not need the negativeness in my life and I do have my diary friends here who I visit and take the time to read their entries of the day and believe me, I do not have the time to read such downright mean stuff anymore. I find this place the best diary place I have ever been at since I began to write here and leaving here is not an option here at all. I enjoy my world here as well as those I do read about on a daily basis.

If any of my readers ask themselves if I am upset, definitely upset, but my friends who read my journal often are the ones I am not upset at. I am sick and tired of people downing me in any way. My faith in God is very important to me and I love God very much. Sometimes, even though it is just a thought of happenstance, I wonder how God can love someone so mean and cruel, but then from reading the best book of this world, the Bible, God loves all but…(you know). I will, if I have to, and I have said this before, delete all coomments I feel are not appropriate for others to read. If worst comes to worse, I will ban a diarist from reading my journal again, and believe me, I have had to do that at least one time so far since have been here.

This is my place and I will write what I need to write in order to get it out of my system if I have a bad day. I will share my thoughts and feelings with the world. I know we live in a cruel and mean world from tiime to time but no one here is going to be mean to me or my heavenly Father. I know I have gotten a littlel defensive this morning, but I feel I needed to get my words out.

The person who has left the comment in yesterday’s journal, do not write anymore coomments in my journal or you will be banned. I believe that your comment was downright stupid and not a laughable matter whastoever. I visited your journal and from the page your username went to, I couldn’t read past a the first sentence and did not want to read your diary. I will give you this much, though. We are here to write whatever we wish to write, but if it comes to the emotional expense of others, I will definitely have second thoughts on reading a diary. I have my places to visit. Please leave me ALONE. Thank you.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Jamisinc says:

    You have the right to delete or ban anything from you diary that you wish. I don’t understand what the fun is in bothering people like that. You’ve always been very kind and sweet to everyone here at DD.

  2. Kbabe says:

    Hi Kristi, I am so sorry that someone had to take the joy out of this new theme for you. I, like you, thought it was beautiful. It’s unfortunate that some individual had to be mean. Obviously they are a miserable human being.

    To me the phrase symbolized the lilacs and their delightful fragrance being one of God’s many splendid creations.

    Please don’t let this person get you down. Rise above their pettiness, delete their comments or ban them if need be, and enjoy YOUR diary.

    Much love,


  3. Bubbles1956 says:

    I LOVE this look. It is beautiful. I too, don’t understand how or why anyone could or would leave nasty comments on diaries. I guess they are miserable people who have nothing better to do than hurt others to make them feel good. I think that is sad. But this is a great look! I would have banned them right away if they upset you at all.

  4. Veesplace says:

    This theme is so pretty. Sis showed me how to do different themes for my diary and I change it all the time. lol

    This is your diary and you shouldn’t have to put up with insensitive remarks from people.Good for you for standing up and letting others know it is not acceptable. There needs to be more people like you.


  5. sezrah says:

    i love the new diary look, well done :))


  6. Supertrooper says:

    Dropping by to offer my support buddy ..Heres a big hugger for you (((((())))))

    Isnt Kbabe a wonderful person ..there are many great folk here at DD . Pity one had to go be mean to you ..just ignore em I say .

    Have a great day …I LOVE the scent of lilacs and this decor is beautiful .

  7. Kbabe says:

    Kristi, It just dawned on me, the poem on the "Welcome" page says it all! 🙂



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