I thought I would write a quick hello and let you all know that everything is going good here. I still have not gotten the call from this person yet but I am no longer worried about it. This person has proven to me what a real friend he is. If he wants to associate with my other friends so be it, but he has caused a lot of questions in my head regarding what is going to happen next as far him hurting my friends again. I have no sympathy for this person anymore and I do not wish to be friends with him any longer. He has proven to me what a big jerk he can be and still is. Some people never learn and I have a feeling he is exactly one of those people in this world. He does not want to cross me. If he acts like a total jerk, he will be told that and I will be the one to say it if it ever happens in front of me. How dare he say he is going to call me and never does. I do not have any respect for liars, whiners, and jerks. I do not want to waste whatever breath I have anymore. I will remain true to my true friends.

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