What A Day This Day Was

The idea of meeting JW at his workplace and go home with him was really out of the question as our bad weather threw in some tornado watches earlier this afternoon. As I was riding the bus to meet JW at the bus stop, we were told to evacuate the bus and go inside the middle school that was its route and we in lockdown for about forty-five minutes. I had learned too that JW was in lockdown at his workplace so meeting him would definitely come as soon as lockdown was over and the buses could go back on the road to finish their routes. I did not get to meet JW at his worksite/bus stop but we did connect at his apartment building where his mother dropped him off and I met him inside.

As JW and I were getting into his apartment complex, I had run into someone I wish I did not want to run into. At the same time I had run into this person, I was trying to talk to JJO on my cell phone and tell her that JW and I were safe in the apartment complex and at the same time I was talking to JJO was being asked questions from the person I did not wish to run into. What’s worse about this situation is the fact that this very person was hanging around another person that has not been on my favorites list for a while now either. It just seems, every time KW is gone and I JW’s companion of choice, JW ends up getting flack and hurt by this certain someone I wish I did not run into while being there because of the big green-eyed monster named jealousy or envy….however it is put these days.

It was after 5:30 p.m. that I had arrived homoe when I had lelarned of another tornado watch in affect. I had called KW to let her know that I had arrived safely but a little wet and was heading up to the apartment to drop off my stuff and go get Emilee in her house and bring her back down with me to safety in thehallway. Not everyone was downstais but those who knew better were downstairs in the safety of the hallways or lobby. Emilee felt safe too thankfully.

Both Emilee and I were able to go to sleep early that night.

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