What’s Wrong With People!

My frend JJO was put down very badly by someone who we all thought was a friend to everyone in our group of friends. In fact, I had learned from JJO that this so-called friend had also put me down while I was not there to defend for myself and JJO had opened up her mouth and defended me. What is wrong with people wanting control or getting upset over the stupidest things in this world? I was cut down by this person because of the fact that I was on my cell phone calling everyone in regards to JW’s personal welfare and safety of the bad weather the other day. I personally do not like storms or tornado warnings or watches very much and I JW was my responsibility that day – friends can be jealous or controlling all they want and believe me, they could be walking on fragile waters with my friends right now! Poor JJO! She was very upset and labeling herself that she really wasn’t but I could understand her paun and feelings of being hurt. Believe it or not, I would like to give this so-called friend some beef for acting like a total jerk and a b**** to my friends Thursday night. No one treats my friends by giving them a three hour lecture in my own friend’s apartment calling her names and being a total b**** to her and telling her what to do. I hate people who want control in everything around them. I am not going to be a part of this person’s life as long as I can help it. I have my friends and I know who they are and that they are true to me.

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