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I do not know what to think right now. I got home a little after 8 p.m. and had a message on my voicemail from my next door neighbor that was not so pleasant. I had also learned that my friend KAW also got a voicemail message from my neighbor as well with the same not pleasant message and it really anger KAW. In fact, it angered me as well. I wish people would just grow up and get their heads out of their bottoms. My next door neighbor wanted me to pay her by Monday morning or give her stuff back if I was not going to pay for it because she was already broke and needed the money for her insulin shots and medications. My neighbor broke already and it is already the 5th of June and we get disability once a month/12 times a year? I do not believe it. This may be an assumption that is not right because I do not have the facts but I believe this neighbor is not broke already and I also believe that she abuses the social security system. I literally hate people like that and this neighbor is not a very nice person all of a sudden. If she abuses the social security system, she can have a big problem on her hands and believe me, I do not want to be a part of this problem. I did pay the person her money but honestly, I am NOT going to buy anything from her again. She expects me for this and that and I have my life.

Even my friend KAW is upset with her because she watches me like a hawk and treats me like a kid and I am not a kid who needs my “mommy” anymore. Honestly, if my neighbor calls KAW again, KAW is going to call the police if she gets her involved with a problem beteen my neighbor and I again. My friend KAW is not at all happy with MY. Honestly, I am kind of upset and wishing that my neighbor would stop and think before she speaks. I was going to pay her today but I had to wait for something to come in the mail – a bill! PEOPLE ARE SO IMPATIENT AND RUDE and MEAN TO ME lately.

I am still feeling the fact that the neighbor below me has died sometime Thursday night/Friday morning. I miss the neighbor very much and know that many of the neighbors also miss SH very much too. SH was a fine woman. She had her bad days but we all knew when to stay away from her. SH did seem to have a mean streak in her at times but it was because she had an illness that affected her moods. I have overlooked her bad days and stayed clear away from SH then but she always had a hug and “I LOVE YOU” for me on her good days. Even some on her bad days. MY had to give me problems today of all days! What a very uncaring neighbor! I am not going to do anything for her for a long time oro evn accept her calls for a while. She needs to leave me alone for a while. I feel I have been very hurt by MY right now.

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  1. That is very disturbing, and from the way it sounds your neighbor is abusing the system. I hope everything works out. You’ll be in my prayers. God bless.


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