I just had to say hello to all my Dear Diary friends,. It has been a while since I wrote in my diary but I have been very busy with school. I had gone to Arkansas for the 4th of July weekend and my 35th birthday. I had a great time. The only thing I could not do was surf the web on my stepmother’s computer because it is an older computer and it does have Windows ME on it. I never used that operating system but have heard horror stories and the only the only two people I have heard about Windows ME not being a problem was from two relatives in my family – my stepmother being one of them. Anyway, I had gone to Arkansas on Friday, July 1 to Tuesday, July 5 and I did have a good time – a great time in fact. I had gotten to Arkansas by 10 a.m. Friday morning so I spent a total of four days in Arkansas when Tuesday, July 5th, @ 7 a.m. had rolled around. When I had gotten to the airport in Arkansas my stepmother was waiting for me at the top of the escalator (sp?) and I had found both dad and my sister on the first floor by the elevator. It was very good to see all of my family at the airport to pick me up. Anyway, my arrival to Arkansas was fantastic. I am tired and in need to retire to bed shortly so I am going to stop here for the time being and come back to my Arkansas trip tomorrow or Friday.

I am out of school until July 12, which is next Tuesday and believe me, I am looking forward to school retiring. I had come home from my trip to find that one of my ex-boyfriends is engaged and believe me, I did I feel very good finding out because of the fact that this ex-boyfriend was nothing but a jerk to my friends and he just changed constantly from one mood to another confusing everything out of me. I do not know why I am even bothered by this ex-boyfriend being engaged to someone. I just am. After seeing the notice I immediately crumpled up the notice and threw the crumpled paper away and now it is in the garbage dumpster downstairs where it belongs. My ex-boyfriend was a piece of trash anyway.

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