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Please forgive me for not writing much tonight, but there is supposed to be t-storms later in the night and I do not like to be online or have my computer up and going during a storm. I have already spent some time at school today and got some homework done for the day and ready to close up shop for the rest of the evening and night. I am so excited because school is up and running again for me and I am now keeping myself busy. Right now not much is really going on except for what I have already done for the day. My day consisted of going to school and getting my homework done for tomorrow, getting to e-mails from last night on to today’s early afternoon and evening. Honestly my e-mail fills up quickly and I have always answered the most important ones. That is what really consisted of my day. I did not have a shower or bath yet but planning on it shortly. I am going to be saying good night in this entry as I will be closing up shop in a little bit to protect myself and the computer from the upcoming storm we are supposed to have tonight. If a storm does not happen I will not be a happy camper and I will not ever trust a weatherman or weatherwoman for a long time. It seems that they have been wrong a lot this year and it is driving me crazy. Nothing negative is really bothering me right now. I am getting tired. I am going to go and say good night and God bless you all now and come back tomorrow evening. Bye for now but not forever. Good night!

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