It is now Sabbath and so I am not going to be here until tomorrow night when Sabbath ends. If you would like to see my journal entries for tonight and tomorrow afternoon, please look for “sabbathkeeper”. That is my other of several journals here at Dear Diary. I hope all of you have a great night. I am getting tired and wishing to go to bed shortly. I will be attending church tomorrow morning and afternoon so I will not be back until tomorrow evening when Sabbath ends. Good night everyone, and have a wonderful night and weekend. I am doing fine. I am just a little annoyed with my computer’s CD-ROM drive being goofy but it has been pretty good today. I had gone out and away for a couple of hours this afternoon and found my CD-ROM drive open, lol. I will be needed a new CD-ROM drive put in soon but right now money is an issue. I am very fortunate to have money in my account right now, lol. Anyway, good night!

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