Today has been a quiet day for me. Got nothing done around my house, but what was on my computer as far as math and surfing the web. Did not take a nap today, yay! I am a very happy camper this weekend because I have learned on Saturday night that the cockitiel (sp?) and Boston Terrier puppy from Petland here in Janesville, Wisconsin, were both adopted to real nice families. I am a very happy person! Not much for this Monday. Getting ready to go to school tomorrow and work on more math and get ready for week 3 of math 208. It has been a wonderful two weeks so far. I am still addicted to math and the Aleks program online to practice more. I feel that is all I talk about or even have on my mind right now.

I slept in real late today…that was all on my mind, lol. I did not wake up until 10:45 a.m. this morning when I heard Emilee Cuddles meowing at me to get a move on for the day. Also, today the cable company had a cable outage in the area so for a while we were out of cable for a bit, but it was not a problem really. It was just a little nerving, that’s all. I do believe the cable is still up…I have not watched it for a couple of hours while I was working on mathematics.

I wish I could write more but what to write is a block to me.

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