She Did it Again!

I do not know why I am even friends with certain people when it comes to them hurting others so often and one of the people is myself. I do not get it! It just makes me so mad I want to scream. This one person, during last night’s conversation, made me feel like a total idiot when in reality I know I am not an idiot and believe me this one person needs to get a life and realize what she is doing. I am getting sick and tired of being friendly to this person and saying I love her when in reality she has hurt me so bad. She hurt me a couple of weekends ago and again last night. I am getting sick and tired of this person thinking she knows everything! In fact, I have this horrible feeling that she thinks she’s right and everyone else is wrong unless people go her way. It feels like it is her way or no way at all. This girl is one confusing person and believe me, I am sick of her playing games with me and other people who know her. Why am I even friendly to her? Now I know why I am keeping my diary to close friends at DD instead of going public. These kind of vents, if public, end up getting in the wrong hands, and people end up getting hurt even more so. I am glad I have gone to “friends only” because I can vent a little more openly to those who do read my diary of thoughts and feelings. I must be one mad woman if I allow such a person to walk all over me and get away with it. I do not know how much more I can take of this person and her ways anymore/ She can be a very hurtful person and to me she does not care if she does hurt someone. My life is not hers and she does not have to change it. If this person ever comes between me and a friend again, there might be a lot of problems that could make things even more worse…

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