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I believe this is going to be my last diary entry of October 14th, 2005, and it might also be fairly short. Not a whole lot has happened since my afternoon thoughts were written. I played a game at Yahoo for a bit, read a Mary Higgins Clark book most of the afternoon, and just relaxed. It felt good to read for pleasure and not just homework reading a textbook of information. Having twenty-nine chapters to read in my MHC book, I have about ten to nine chapters yet to read and I could finish it by the end of the weekend which would be Sunday night. Did not even take a nap today so I should be able to sleep well tonight but I am not even sure of that as I am still a lot wound up from today’s happenings of almost nothingness. I have not seen my cat Emilee Cuddles since the pest control man came and sprayed so no bugs come during the last days of Sumnmer and through the Fall months to winter. She has been a good girl though. Even my friend JO is in the hospital right now and after talking to her briefly, she is tired and hurting as her back went out the other day. I feel bad for JO. The weather is still nice and cool and the sun is about ready to go down for the night and darkness will be upon us shortly here in good ol’ Wisconsin. I am thinking of doing some research on Buddhism VS Hinduism tonight for my individual paper due Monday. I have been coming up with ideas. Does anyone know of anyone being able to write essays or term papers without an outline in the works first? If not, I might be one of those people that can write essays and term papers without using an outline first! Oh boy and oh oh. 🙂 Anyway, I am going to go for the night and I will be back tomorrow night after Sabbath is over.

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