In class the last couple of days I have been reading posts like this:

I don’t know what is going on with Kristi or Laurie or Daniella they need to
read the post I sent to my part as a post on the 23rd, and I asked Kristi to
call me Saturday to discuss the paper, but she didn’t so I posted my
individual paper and my portion of the team assignment to the learning team
folder, I do not appreciate them number one making post to me in the main
classroom and then saying my name wasn’t added to the paper because of what
they claimed I didn’t do,just because they didn’t scroll down and read the
post, if they wanted me to do the conclusion they should’ve called me before
today and told me or something, this needs to be dealt with correctly I
don’t appreciate this at all, they were totally out of order!


Danielle and Kristi do not post to me in the main newsgroup I did my portion
of the paper and for you two to say that I have done nothing is a lie I
don’t know what exactly you were saying to me in the post that you posted
but you Kristi have my number and I asked you to call me Saturday and you
didn’t so I posted my portion that I said that I would do, so maybe one of
you can do it.

Honestly I do not know what to think right now. I was not happy yesterdaya when I read the above post and I got more angry at the post above that one. I do not know what to think and believe me, I am royally upset and I wish some people would just grow up and handle their situations more appropriately before taknig action the way this DW did! Man am I REALLY NOT HAPPY!

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