A Quick Hello

The past two weeks have been very very busy for me. I have begun Financial Accounting 1 two weeks ago and will be finishing up the 2nd week in a couple of days. All seems to be going well here for me but I can definitely tell you that my world have been full of life, confusion, and understanding all at the same time. I am so glad that I am able to understand and remember from taking Accounting 1 twice previous to Financial Accounting 1. Honestly I am a little bit embarrassed because of the fact I am not giving myself enough credit where information is known.

I know I have not been able to write much lately in my journal here but I thought it would only be appropriate that all is going well and I am keepnig myself busy as much as possible in order to keep myself sane and happy. I have been dealing with some issues that have been going on for the past several weeks with one particular friend but I have not spoken to her for a few weeks now because she does not have the gall to even call me. She has, most recently, caused herself to be depressed and down all because of the fact that her life is screwed up and I have no control over that. I am sick and tired of her antics and her ways of handling things that are so important to her but important to me. Anyway, this particular friend is on the sidelines feeling sorry for herself and is going to end up with no friends the way she is acting more of the time than not. I have been too busy with school to even worry about other peopple’s problems now a days. I have my own problems, when they do arise, to take care of. I need to take care of myself. In fact, this being Saturday and Sabbath, I slept in until I could not sleep no more and believe it or not, I am not doing much of anything today at this monent in time being 3 p.m. soon to be. I am taking care of myself today and today only. I am having a day to myself.

No one has called me today so far and that is great!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. kaliko88 says:

    A ‘me’ day. Hope I get to have one of those again soon.


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