I Have To Be Honest Here …

I have been moody for the past couple of days because being a woman is not easy for me at all. I did not start the New Year with a big bang really. Had gotten flu like symptoms for 24 hrs, got my last UTI for the year 2006. I still feel crampy but not crabby, but I just want to cry my eyes out for some reason or another. Depression is definitely playing its games here with me and I wish it would just leave me alone and alone for good! I have been taking my medication for my depression and anxiety, and have had slight panic attacks in the past two weeks that have been taken care of on their own without medication. Depression sure does not make a person feel good. I have been in and out of depression since Emilee passed away because I have been trying to keep myself very busy with my life both in the personal and academic lives I lead. I am managing just fine there. I have not allowed myself to be cooped up in my apartment or allowing myself to get too stressed, but I do have to admit that depression is playing its ugly game here. During this time I am very picky of who I would like to be with and who I will talk to!

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