Feeling Good Today!

Feeling Really Good Today!
Other than company and enjoying myself at the library and being with my friend JR today, I am feeling real good today! The sun is shining and it feels good even though the winter weather of snow is on the ground making it cold outdoors. I have one of my best winter jackets with me, along with a covering for my ears, mittens, and scarf, I am feeling ready to go out and build a snowman, but physically I am wondering how in the world I am going to do that now that I have a cane I have been using since May of 2006! Anything and everything is possible in my life!

Last night, which I figure is one of the reasons I have am feeling good emotionally today, I used my SAD light while I read a book – finishing it and starting a new one later today – and the natural sun is shining outdoors right now this very minute the following day January 16, 2007!

Company came today – as usual my cleaning gal coming on Tuesday – I also had my care provider from IDS come today to meet Bing, the newest addition to my family since Emilee passed away on November 14, ‘o6, and I felt that the company was more a welcome than a hinderance because the company’s visit was a pleasant one in regards to my personal goals in keeping up with my place which is now feeling like a home than a cluttered mess in the past eight years.

I have absolutely no idea why I am feeling good today! Can any of my DD friends answer this question for me and get back to me…”Why is Kristi feeling good today?”

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Good Today!”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    I think you’re feeling good because things are going well for you. Bing is providing a new light in your life since Emilee past away. You got out of your house, went to the library, had good company come to check in on you. I hope things continue to go well for you!


  2. We got snow here too. It is slick out, but is getting better daily. I used to build snowmen, but I don’t really enjoy going out to "play" in the snow much anymore. I’m glad your feeling good today as to why I couldn’t tell you maybe your comfortable in your life right now and all is going right. I hope you continue to enjoy your week and the day ahead. God bless.


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