Winter / Snow

Sunday and yesterday we had a little snow advisory in our area and now we have snow on the ground. It sure does feel good to have my winter coat out – along with my Christmas present from a neighbor of mittens, scarf, and ear covering that was handmade by my neighbor/friend. As I walked outside to wait for my friend, JR to go to the library and grab a bite to eat at a burger place or Taco Bell, I realized how the snow easily packed into a ball. Oh did I ever want to be a little girl again and get in the snow to make a snowman as the snow was perfect packing snow! I am not sure, since JR and I are still out and about, if I am even going to take the time today to build a snowman in the backyard of the building I live in, but I am surely tempted. I was tempted to throw a snowball at JR this morning, lol…but purposely missed as she does not have “fun in the snow” clothing on today. Actually, I do not either! I only have my shoes on with socks right now.

It is beautiful winter day with snow on the ground! YEAH!

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