Up Late But Don’t Care?!

Up Late Tonight/This Morning

I am up late, past midnight tonight, and for some reason, I do not care. I do have sleepless nights sometimes, and this is the third night I have had — another sleepless night. I have been feeling pretty good since Tuesday and yesterday, even though it was a little better on Tuesday. I was still perky and happy on Wednesday, but I was lonely yesterday (Wednesday) for some reason because I called my friend JR five times before she came over herself to visit for a while.

Bing Noel “Crosby” Karnopp
Cat Update

Bing, my new addition to the family/household has been adapting to his “new” home very well and quickly. I am so proud of him. Right now, as I sit here and write in my journal at DD, he is lying on the carpet near my feet near me. I love him so much and he brought a lot of joy into my life since he has been adopted. As a matter of fact, even though Emilee Cuddles will not be forgotten, I haven’t had an opportunity this week to feel lost without her because Bing himself has kept me from being so low in feeling. I am so happy to have him in my life and I know he is happy to have me in his life. Bing is one awesome cat!

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