A Good Day PLUS …

I slept good last night once again…YEAH! I had shut off my television, shut off the lights, and laid down in bed and I was out within minutes. Even though I slept well last night, I still got up early and just did not have the energy to do much but lay around … but having JS and JR here for the afternoon kept me awake. I do believe I did have a little cat nap while JR was on the computer and we were watching and listening to Hideaway on television – a movie that I had put on that was on the On Demand channel of our cable company. JR and JS, even at 10:12 p.m., are still here – now JS on the computer and JR sitting in the recliner doing her puzzle games she loves to do. Me, I am just sitting here on my laptop online and watching Kindergarten Cop. I have watched Hideaway, Dark Water, and Kindergarten Cop today and this evening. Even JR and I watched House and American Idol that I recorded. It was just another day of relaxation to some point so I did not feel full of anxiety and tired.

Another day of good has happened and I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I do know that it will be a good weekend anyway…

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