A Fairly Good Weekend …

My Saturday

My Saturday was not a bad one here. Had company for awhile this afternoon and again now this evening. Bing and I had time for ourselves together this afternoon and it sure feels real good right now to have company all over again. Anyway, it has not been a bad day even though I did not go out in the weather today due to the fact that it is real cold outdoors right now. JS went shopping and out to eat with her parents this afternoon and she had come back to let me know that it was cold outdoors and that she was glad that I did not go outside today at all. I got some homework finished for today – due Monday – and I will do homework tomorrow but now I am going to take a break now since I have been to school already earlier this evening. I have been dealing with tiredness today but I have kept myself going despite that and JS was here to help and be here for a while before she left to be with her parents. This is my Saturday and I will be back tomorrow, hopefully. I am going to go to bed early tonight unless sleep does not come any sooner than it has lately. I guess my outings with JS and JR yesterday had worn me out to no end.


I got a perm yesterday afternoon while JS, JR, and I were out at Wal-Mart. I feel good inside now with this new change.

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