Honestly, I Need to Rely on God More! …

The Need to Rely on God More …

Oh please do not allow the title confuse you or make you ask questions at the moment because I can not even give you an answer except for the fact that I am telling you the truth that my world, as anxiety and depression plays in my life from time to time. Today was no exception to any anxiety and problems I have in my life from time to time just everyone else in today’s world. Yes, today was proven to be one of those strange days – a test of anxiety and fear that really played and I know that I, after giving it some major thought, need to rely on God more that I have in the recent or farther past.

Confusion Played Its Ugly Game W/ Me Today

I almost thought I was not going to be getting any medication under Medicare but learned that there was mix up along the way and it was fixed, but it practically took two hours for the mix up to be founded and corrected. In the meantime, when the problem was being founded, I was so scared — so very scared. The anxiety in my body was rising and I just did not know what to think. Being on certain meds really can be a mystery all the time.

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  1. I pray the Lord heals and blesses.


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