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Well, my world lately has been a roller coaster ride but not a bad roller coaster ride actually. It has been a fairly good roller coaster ride for a change. Have you ever experience a good roller coaster ride? I haven’t for a long time but do remember the actual roller coaster rides I have ridden at Great America and MGM Studios. Anyway, my life has been a little bumpy but not too bad and the little bumps are little lessons of life that I am learning to cope with a stronger back bone but yet I still have some learning to do. I just learned to have a bigger back bone in the past two months now. Anyway, tomorrow brings on a new — a brand new day — and I will be busy … fairly busy anyway. I have an appointment with my counselor and I have some homework to finish up that is due tomorrow by 11:59 p.m.. I have it pretty much done except for a third of the assignment that I have been working on for the past two days now. For the past few hours now it has been fairly quiet even though I did get out to run an errand thanks to a good friend of mine who was in the area and did not ask for gas money for his truck. I did ask my friend why he never asked for gas money from me and he told me that because he was in the area and could help me out during the week, he was not going to charge me gas money unless he really had to, and he knew that if I could give him a few dollars from time to time he would never argue the point about gas. Anyway, I still think that the gas prices are outrageous but they have come down some in the past two weeks or so.

Time for me to run and get ready for bed. My “Little Man” Bing Noel Crosby is sleeping on the bed and he is waiting patiently for me to come lay with me. I I am going to say good night for now and come back another day…maybe tomorrow if time allows.

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